Tim Hind, Author - The Franland Trilogy


Excellent engaging literature.

In The Best Interests is well written and difficult to put down. The book does an admirable job of humanising the technical world of cyber security, making the challenges Luke Frankland faces relevant and impactful to the reader. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy!

Smart, solid fiction about cyber warfare.

My guess is that most people who have read this book are excited for the next to come out. In the Best Interests is an excellent introduction to the problems surrounding cyber espionage and nations’ appropriate responses to it, but it’s also a very human story about working under failed bureaucracies and moral strictures – things most readers will be able to relate to. If you’re interested in cyber threat intelligence, cyber warfare, the tension between East and West, or just a good thriller, pick up this book.

Gripping read of cyber warfare, nostalgia and humour.

A superb read, with elements of nostalgia blended with modern cyber warfare that is accurate and incredibly easy to follow for those looking for a flawed but loveable hero. Diversity also underpins this gripping story, with female hackers and military experts and a gay protagonist, it’s a tale of intrigue, action and humour that I found really hard to put down.

Superb cyber espionage saga.

Quite a page-turner. It really had me gripped. My knowledge of the internet and hacking is minimal, but as the protagonist is a self-confessed innocent as regards computers, this means that everything is more or less explained in layman’s terms. Looking forward to reading the next two in the trilogy.

Written by an insightful author.

Accurate, relevant, contemporary.


Great storytelling, with chilling overtones.


The flow of this book made in a pleasure to read. The story draws you in and keep me wanting to reading well past my bedtime. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

A great read.

I really enjoyed this book. It has the right balance of technical and understandable jargon. Well done Tim on writing a believable page turner.

A beautiful story about love, its consequences and cyber security.

I finished reading this book about a week ago, and I can’t get it out of my head. The story evolves around an international cyber security incident, and the team that was tasked with handling it. Wether you are a cyber wizard, or absolutely know nothing about cyber security – read it. It’s an interesting account of how this industry developed, and how frustrating it can be to try and achieve big things quickly, when working for a government. In all of that, our hero falls in love in the most beautiful way. You will find yourself rooting for him, though what he is doing is somewhat immoral (won’t go into details to avoid spoilers). It’s a story about love and consequences.

Excellent first novel.

This is a full-on cyber espionage novel which is entirely believable but, unusually for this genre, doesn’t isolate readers who don’t have a detailed knowledge of the subject matter. The pace of the action is perfect and I’m very much looking forward to the release of the second in this trilogy.

Excellent and Gripping Read.

Fascinating book to read and scarily eye opening. Actually makes you want to get into Cyber Intelligence. Also this story line would be excellent as a TV series and I really hope it does get picked up by Amazon or Netflix! I’ll be preordering the next book!


If you are a human you’ll have no choice than to love this book. This (first-time?) author does a superb job of painting a room, developing characters and getting you hooked on the story. As a prior military person working in cyber-security the details are on point but it won’t lose the non-technical reader. This is a great read anywhere, just be prepared to laugh and gasp out-loud.

West meets China’s growing cyber threat in this thriller.

This was a fun read and a well written modern spy novel. Interesting characters, settings and situations, not to mention state-on-state cyber espionage that is very real world. Some fun twists and the pages turn faster the further you dive into this novel. Definitely a recommended read.

Absolute page turner. Could not recommend it enough!

Started reading and it turned into one of those books you couldn’t put down. I ended up reading it in one sitting as I found it so gripping. Highly recommend! After reading the book, the good news is it’s part of a trilogy so there is more to come. I asked the author on Facebook and part 2 (Pick a Packet or Two) is out in Mar’20 and part 3 in late 2020. I’m hoping the next two will be of the same high standard.

A gripping read!

I had been saving this book to read on holiday and sitting here in the Majorcan sun I can safely say it was worth waiting for! Could hardly put it down and now look forward to the next two! I was a little apprehensive not knowing much about cyber warfare but I need not have been. A fascinating insight into a world previously unknown to myself.