Wellbeing for All

Wellbeing has a great deal to do with what we do with our attention. Being mindful involves intentionally paying attention to each moment of our experience. It is the way in which pay attention, however, with an openness and curiosity, that enables us to develop our capacity to step aside from our habitual tendencies to automatically react to how we’d like life to be – patterns that often unintentionally make life harder rather easier.  

As this mindful awareness space opens up. more choices are revealed on to how to move towards a greater sense of well-being. This can include enabling us to face changes and challenges from a calmer and more conscious standpoint.

Mindfulness has entered our Western therapeutic traditions with growing popularity from its traditional Buddhist roots due to the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues. Kabat-Zinn demonstrated that mindfulness practice has much to offer those experiencing a range of difficulties such as stress, anxiety, low mood, pain and chronic illness. 

Most people also find that mindfulness can be enormously helpful in just bringing greater richness and more meaning to our lives and relationships. 

What we Offer

We offer high-quality mindfulness courses in a variety of different formats. Choose from an 8-week course, day-long retreats, drop-in sessions, in-depth course and support sessions.

We mostly teach in and around Dorset/Somerset. In Dorchester courses are held at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre and in Yeovil and the ……